Scene by scene "treatment"

Scene 1

Opens on where harry works and harry is called into the bosses office

Scene 2

Harry gets laid off

Scene 3

Roy helps Harry load his stuff into the car

Scene 4

Harry and Stanley have breakfast at the elks club and Stanley tells Harry about "Big Tex's RV Park"

Scene 5

Harry shovels snow while Mary talks to Stella on the telephone. Mary says Harry is depressed and Stella says they should come down to the RV Park

Scene 6

Harry dozes off and dreams of shooting it out with his old boss

Scene 7

Harry and Mary are in the motor home and approaching the Park

Scene 8

They arrive at the gate house and are greeted by big tex. Then they park and start to enter the registration office

Scene 9

Jr, big tex's twin brother registers them

Scene 10

Harry and Mary leave the office and get into the mh and are led to their site.

Scene 11

Gordon Conklin helps them get parked on their site. Harry knocks over the water spigot, Gordon gets soaked and has a fit.

Scene 12

Harry settles down in his chair as STANLEY and Stella arrive in their golf cart.

Scene 13

The four of them start on a golf cart tour of the park

Scene 14

They get out at the pool and dance hall area. They see the line dancing in the rec hall and look at the hot tub.

Scene 15

The tour continues STANLEY takes them to see the lapidary and jewelry making shop. As they enter the rooms we see posters of Gordon on several of the doors.


The tour ends with Stanley Summarizing all things they can do as the enter the chuckwagon area of the rec hall and line up for dinner. Stanley shows them the menu posted on the door and we see another of Gordon's posters beside the menu. as they sit down to eat, Stanley invites Harry to play golf with him in the morning and Stella and Mary make plans to go to basket weaving class.

Scene 17

Hot tub scene. Harry and Mary are at the hot tub at night. It is dark and they think they are alone. Things are starting to get romantic, when all of a sudden a whole lot of people show up and destroy the mood. Harry and Mary are wearing those t-shirts that make them look like they are sexy and wearing scanty clothes. As they make their excuses for leaving the hot tub, they mention that harry has to get up to play golf in the morning and Mary has to go to basket weaving. As they leave the hot tub, one old codger with steamed up glasses thinks he is seeing something that's not really there.

Scene 18

Mary and Stella are at Basket weaving class. Mary is showing stella some of the baskets she made back home. And is explaining or demonstrating some of the fine points of basket weaving to stella. Mary tells Stella that last night Harry was almost like his old self again for a while but was moody again this morning. She hopes that the golf game will snap him out of it.

Scene 19 ( old 13.)

Golf scene.Harry and stanly play golf with a whiffle ball in the park streets

Scene 20 (old 13.)

Harry's ball lands on Darrell"s motor home patio. Darrell tells about his cousin who is Harry's old boss an how he too lost his job..this is closure for Harry.

Scene 20.1 harry hits ball

Scene 21 (old 13.)

………into the pool where it hits Gordon on the head.Gordon is really mad.

Scene 22 (old 13.)

STANLEY and harry play through the horse shoe area.

Scene 23 (old 13.)

They finish the game at the putting green and Stanley reminds harry that they are playing against Harry at the horse shoe tournament

Scene 24

Mary and Stella are at a ham radio class. We have a little bit of ham radio stuff and Mary tells Stella that Harry must have really had a good time when he played golf with Stanley. He has been laughing and joking all day just like his old self again. He has gotten all his old self confidence back and is ready to take on the world.

Scene 25

Harry takes Tennis Lessons from Glen Hindman. He starts out terrible Glen hits the ball all around him an he chases the ball but never hits the ball back…fade out and then fade back in and Harry has changed his shirt to show the passage of time and has become an amazing tennis player. He stands in one spot and returns all of Glens shots as glen chases back and forth trying to hit the ball back.

Scene 26

Stanley and Harry leave the computer club room and see Gordons poster about running for cowboy king. Stanley explains what the cowboy king contest is all about and the origins of the old hat


big tex's grand daddy dies while playing poker at the Alamo saloon in San Benito and his hat becomes the "crown" of the cowboy king.

Scene 28

Stanley talks Harry into running against Gordon.

Scene 29

Billiard room. A sports announcer from channel 16 is calling the billiard tournament. Harry and Gordon are playing each other. Gordon is walking with a limp The announcer recalls an earlier confrontation between the two of them at a horse shoe tournament .

Scene 30

A flash back to the horse shoe tournament. Harry throws a wild shoe that hits Gordon on the leg.

Scene 31

Return to billiard tournament. Harry has an impossible shot to make. He is startled by a noise made by a cleaning person and inadvertently hits the ball and makes the impossible shot.

Scene 32

Harry and Stanley print up the posters

Scene 33

Gordon sees Stanley putting up posters and follows him, ripping up the posters after Stanley leaves

Scene 34

Harry puts up posters at the dance hall. He turns around and catches Gordon as he is ripping up a poster. He chases after Gordon and knocks an old man into the swimming pool

Scene 35

Harry and Stanley chase after Gordon in golf carts. ala the Kingstone cops Stanley falls out just before they enter the rec. hall. They bust thru a line at the post office and are chased down the street by angry patrons. They turn down a street an we hear a crash,. dissolve to..

Scene 36

The golf carts have crashed into the train. Gordon is wrapped around the cow catcher and Stanley is slumped over in his golf cart. Gene Payne in his engineers hat is looking on and scratching his head.

Scene 37

AT the rec hall, Big tex announces that Harry is the winner of the contest, Gordon is wrapped in bandages, Jr brings the hat on stage and crowns harry.

Scene 38

Harry and Mary wave goodbye and drive off down Zillock road . Harry says he has made reservations for 6 months next year.