A list of possible sketches

Parking and hooking up motor home(Harry is a novice rv'er ,knocks over elec pedestal, cracks water pipe etc.)

Computer club class (this could be a lead in to "Harry  gets his computer fixed"

Line dancing( harry takes lessons in crowded room 4..dances right out the door)

Clogging ( harry starts out slow but soon gets the double towing..closeups of some elses feet in harry's shoes

Ball room dancing

Wood working


Shuffle board

Wood carving


Billiards( lots of possibilities here, impossible pool shots, ripping table top etc.)

Exercise room

Walking club

Genealogy club

Hanky-Panky in the hot tub ( its Harry's and Mary's anniversary after all. They get a surprise or they surprise somebody else..getting the lighting will be a problem as well as staying in the bounds of good taste.)

Water volley ball ( could be incorporated in the chase scene)

Big chase scene ala Kingstone cops and Benny Hill

Writing seminars( could be incorporated in the frame story)

Betcha you could think of some more sketches!