REV.June 1 2005

"RV Park: The Movie"

( a Studio 221 and Computer Club Production)

 Its Official!!

The Premier is scheduled for February 14, 2006.

The Production is currently is hiatus as the cast and crew have gone their separate ways for the summer, having shot about 2/3 of the movie in three months.Word has it that the actors ( both male and female) are slimming down for the swimming pool and Hot tub sequences that are planned for "filming" in the fall.  Isn't it amazing how professonal actors like ours can gain or lose pounds just to fit the roles they play!

During the summer hiatus, the director will be doing the final editing of the scenes we shot in the spring and writing and planning the last third of the movie.  We hope to resume filming as soon as the first or second week in October and wrap up by the end of December which will leave 6 weeks to get ready for the Premier.

"Studio  221" has moved to its new we put a 13-1/2 ft X 13-1/2 ft addition on our park model and moved the computers out of the living room and will hang the Blue Screen on the wall.